Join as a New Unit

Joining the Brigade as a New Unit

Application to the Brigade starts with a unit application. New units must have a minimum of four men-at-arms. Fill out and mail a unit application to Brigade Membership Services with a $125 check payable to the Brigade of the American Revolution.

Brigade Unit Application

Upon approval of your unit’s application you will receive:

  • The Soldier’s Manual. Contains the Brigade constitution and by-laws, safety regulations, and reference chapters on the manual of arms, color ceremonies, martial music, research, civilian impressions, cavalry and artillery (all complete with bibliographies) and more.
  • Military Music of the American Revolution: book and compact disc. The book is a new publication by the Brigade. The accompanying CD has all the tunes and calls, and have been thoroughly researched and documented to the 18th century.
  • Women’s Dress During the American Revolution. A book that includes a fabric guide, patterns and suggestions for portrayals.

In addition, all members on your roster will personally receive all BAR periodicals delivered to their house for one year as opposed to one copy going to the commander and/or adjutant only. The BAR publishes two periodicals:

  • The Brigade Courier (several issues a year). The newsletter for the organization, containing timely information, event details, news and general tidbits of interest to the general membership.
  • The Brigade Dispatch (quarterly). The flagship periodical of the BAR, a quarterly scholarly journal covering topics of the 18th century from overviews and study of period topics to “how- to” articles for practical application in living history.

After the first year, members begin to pay dues on an individual basis ($25 a household, plus $5 for additional members in the same house over the age of 16) and members continue receive the full benefits of membership:

  • Each member receives the two periodicals delivered directly to their house.
  • Ability to participate any Brigade function anywhere.
  • Coverage by the Brigade’s insurance policy at all official Brigade functions.
  • The advantage of the Brigade as a support organization, such as: special workshops, membership referrals, web site hosting, music training, etc.
  • Privilege to participate in the management of the Brigade.

There is a three tier review process to ensure the high safety and authenticity standards of the Brigade. Applicant units will have one year in which to begin fielding. Upon successful review of documentation and an evaluation of a unit’s abilities, applicant units are advanced to probationary status. At this level, units will continue to refine their impressions and will earn voting privileges in Brigade elections. At the close of the probationary period, units will once again be evaluated, and if successful, will be elevated to full members status. At every step of the process, there are numerous resources available to assist new units in creating the most accurate portrayal possible.