The Brigade is unique in that it represents all the Armies which were involved in the war, representing: U.S. Continentals and Militia, British, Loyalist (Tory), German, French, Spanish, and Native American forces. Within each army, there is the opportunity to portray: Infantry, Artillery, Cavalry, Musicians, Artificers, Engineers, Riflemen, Militia, Naval Forces, Marines, as well as other military and civilian personnel.

Benefits of Membership:

Dues are $25 for the first member of a household, plus $5 for each additional members in the same household over the age of 16. All under 16 years of age are free.

The minimum age to be a man-at-arms is 16 years, to be a musician, 12 years. Civilian members may be of any age. It is strongly encouraged that minors join with a parent or legal guardian.

  • Each member household receives.
    • The Brigade Courier (six issues a year). The newsletter for the Brigade, containing timely information, event details, ads, news and general tidbits of interest to the membership.
    • The Brigade Dispatch (quarterly). The flagship periodical of the Brigade, a scholarly journal covering topics of the 18th century study from overviews and study of period topics to “how- to” articles for the practical application in living history.
    • Brigade Express (semiannual). Much like a corporate annual report, with information on the governance of the Brigade such as meeting minutes, fiscal reports, membership updates, by-law changes and election results. Also used as a pictorial look at the Brigade year in review.
  • Ability to participate in any Brigade function anywhere.
  • Coverage by the Brigade’s insurance policy at all official Brigade functions.
  • Eligible to subscribe to the Brigade e-mail discussion list, an online forum for members to share research and thought.
  • The advantage of the Brigade as a support organization, such as: workshops, membership referrals, web site hosting, music training, etc.
  • Privilege to participate in the management of the Brigade.

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